We built OMG Analytics as a tool for clients to track growth and give real-time feedback on the performance of their digital presence.  It is designed to be presented on huge TV in a conference room and to immediately impress the CEO of your company.

Have you ever asked one of the questions below?  Have you ever spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to combine multiple CSVs from social networks to create a consolidated report? If so, you need a dashboard.  We build custom dashboards that allow you to make effective decisions to help grow your business.  The dashboards are built using your data sources and display goals related to your business.  Dashboards can be built for different company roles like Executive, Financial, Sales, Support, and Marketing.

  • What is our most cost effective traffic source?
  • What traffic source has the biggest benefit on our news content?
  • How did our keyword performance for this month compare to last month?
  • Which monthly newsletter has the highest open rate and which articles in the newsletter received the most clicks?
  • We spent a lot of money on Salesforce. Are we using it effectively?
  • How many video views did our Corporate Story receive last month.
  • How many video views did our Corporate Story receive last month.
  • What city generates the most traffic to our site?
  • Is Linkedin advertising more effective than Google AdWords?
  • How many sales were generated by the recent email campaign?
  • How does web, social, and video traffic have an effect on our revenue?
  • Our CEO is asking for a report about the new website we built. What can I show them?

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