Founded in 2013 as a video production company and specializing professional services firms in the commercial real estate industry, Obscura Media Group’s digital marketing services focuses on being the integrated solution for companies seeking to build strong brand presence by promoting core values and highlighting the specialized expertise of their human capital through effective audience driven digital marketing. Our strategic advantage is that we not only understand professional services marketing, but that we specifically focus on working with firms in the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

Obscura Media has video production, marketing services, web development, digital media management, and content creation under one roof, allowing for a consistent fluid brand messaging across multiple mediums and distribution vehicles. Our job is to help companies understand and best utilize tech tools with the goal of building their business while being time and cost efficient.

With the growth of the Internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have created new vehicles for corporations to interact with clients and prospects. The challenge is coordinating a strategic message across multiple distribution platforms, while also maintaining a consistent brand image and minimizing the time it takes to create content.

Video marketing is the most effective tool in professional services marketing. There is no other medium that allows a prospect to connect with a professional on both a business and personal level, by not only expressing their industry knowledge but doing so while demonstrating their personality. Further, video content has a unique ability to strengthen web presence and SEO.

We build websites, develop social distribution vehicles and create feature-film quality video content. Then we implement a strategy that allows all of these components to function seamlessly, to grow your digital presence and search engine rankings.


frank-sanchezFRANK SANCHEZ – Co-Founder & President
As the Founder of Obscura Media & Co-Founder of OMG Analytics, Frank believes that the future of marketing professional services is being transformed at the intersection of personal branding, technology, and video marketing.  As the Director of the West Coast at Bisnow Media, he had the pleasure of working with the top firms in the commercial real estate industry, giving him a unique CRE perspective that is hard to find in a film maker.  Frank has a degree in entrepreneurship and marketing from the University of Southern California, is a licensed sailing captain, and loves spearfishing in his local waters of California.

craig-harrisonCRAIG HARRISON – CTO
A serial technologist who believes a business should be challenged to use innovative approaches with content and big data to best identify and engage users on their website. Craig’s career in technology has included the successful launch of 150 business websites, consulting for 5 companies with public and private exits, and a client portfolio with over a billion dollars in market capitalization. Along with website development, Craig provides consulting on cloud hosting, systems integration, big data, mobile applications and e-commerce. Craig has a degree in engineering from UCLA and is an avid ultra-marathon runner.