Everything required to grow your digital presence….consider it handled.  Obscura Media provides a multifaceted creative team for web, video, analytics, and strategy.  Our mission is to assist companies grow the frequency and enhance the professionalism of their digital message to facilitate an increase in brand awareness and increase revenue.  Digital projects often progress to things like email marketing, search engine optimization, and audience targeting.  Obscura handles that as well.  Obscura is your solution to grow your digital presence and expand your brand.

The Obscura cycle: Video leads to web. Web leads to analytics. Analytics leads to strategy.  Strategy leads to growth.




  • We worked with Obscura on a testimonial video for Vivante, a brand new luxury retirement we recently developed in Orange County. It was a tricky project, in that we needed to capture the essence of how Vivante is changing seniors lives for the better, convey the emotional response of our residents and their families, and showcase the incredible physical space of our community. I was blown away when I saw the first cut. In fact, I cried. The guys managed to nail the modern, warm feel we were looking for, and illustrated how Vivante has improved the lives of its residents. The project was organized, the team was responsive, the creative process was efficient, and, overall, our entire experience with Obscura, start to finish, was nothing but a pleasure. We are looking forward to working with Obscura on future projects.”

    Stephanie Zachan Nexus Development Corporation
  • Rising Realty Partners recently worked with Obscura Media Group on a rush project. We needed a short video highlighting our firm’s track record of success in Southern California's commercial real estate industry as owners and investors in creative office projects. The video was used as a fundraising tool to gain capital investment during a trip that was scheduled last-minute and was a week away. The team accepted our challenge of writing, shooting, and editing the video in under 72 hours, allowing us to meet our deadline prior to the trip. Jack, Frank, and Edwin did a fantastic job of pushing our creative boundaries to deliver a final product that exceeded all expectations. We were very pleased with their ability to create such a great product as fast as they did that we've engaged them on multiple video projects moving forward. I would highly recommend Obscura Media Group to anyone looking for creative solutions to business presentations and video development.

    Kenzie Gallagher Rising Realty Partners / Marketing Magager


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